Charlotte Parker, Nashville, Tennessee Guide

Located in the western part of Nashville, Tennessee, the Charlotte Park area has quickly become one of the most desired parts of the city. The combination of old houses with new constructions gives potential home buyers much to choose from. With a low crime rate and excellent public schools, many families have decided to move to this region and property values have escalated as demand has outweighed the number of available houses. The banks of the Cumberland River stand as the western border of the area and Interstate 40 is to the east, providing the area has easy access to all points in the city and a picturesque setting.

The area has benefited greatly from the influx of new residents and the small region boasts a large number of cultural activities and outstanding restaurants. The LeQuire Gallery is a standout location, and often hosts many community events in addition to showcasing their collection of local and regional art. Although the choices for eating out are quite plentiful, one of Charlotte Park restaurants that is routinely listed as a favorite among locals is Jim and Nick’s Barbecue. In addition to the many standard barbecue offerings, the chefs at Jim and Nick’s often add specialty dishes that incorporate local flavors, such as pork and grits. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh ingredients and cooking the meat for long periods of time to obtain the perfect balance of flavor, which has resulted in a growing number of Charlotte Park fans.

For a family that prefers to eat in most of the time, the Charlotte Park area is also home to one of the best Farmer’s Markets in the city. Each and every Saturday, the farmers in the region come to Richland Park to offer their produce and other products for sale. Many of these farmers specialize in organic goods and offer the highest quality of fruits and vegetables that can be found in Nashville. Organized by the Good Food for Good People organization, the West Nashville Farmer’s Market has already become a tradition for many residents that come every Saturday to stock up on groceries. Some of the vendors at the market include Foggy Hollow Farm, Fresh Harvest, and The Green Wagon.

The community of Charlotte Park is very close knit and the residents are always having events that strengthen the connections between the neighbors. To facilitate many of these events, the Charlotte Park Neighborhood Association has been formed and provides the latest news and information that is relevant to the area, including upcoming events as well as important calendar dates. With the combination of the close community and the many excellent services that are only a stone’s throw away, Charlotte Park is expected to remain one of the most popular neighborhoods in Nashville.